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Spruce Up Jamaica, Nice Up Yuhself

The new programme, TPDCo said, is geared towards the country’s growth agenda, with a focus on creating integration among industries and programmes that impact the tourism industry.

Craft Development

Crafting, creating, or the art of making - is a deep and wide ocean that permeates the journey of life. It is how people interact with and interpret their environment in a very tangible way. Tourism/hospitality translated into the industry of tourism is a natural part of ‘showing’ culture and heritage to the world and therefore craft plays a very central role in this sharing of experiences in a personal but global way. When we travel we already have a construct of what our experiences will be, where we will go and what we will find. We are fed by information – stories, pictures, music the media in general.

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Heritage & Culture

Adventure seeking visitors pursue more than just sun, sand and sea. Various studies have shown that they stay longer and spend more in the destination than other kinds of travellers. These visitors want a real taste of the host destination. A flavour of its rich cultural heritage demonstrated through our dance, music, history, language folklore, events, traditions and cuisine.

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Community Tourism

“A high level of visitor satisfaction can be delivered only if host communities take pride in the product offered and responsibility for the visitor experience.” Tourism Master Plan for Sustainable Development. Community based development is meant to not only diversify but for socio-economic empowerment and authentic value added components to the tourism product.

Product Enhancement in Action

Our Projects

Black River Town Upgrades

OBJECTIVE The main objective of this project is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the town centre, provide a wider …

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The Flanker Project

The Flanker Project was the brainchild of TPDCo. It was funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund to the tune of …

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Spruce Up Projects

The Spruce Up programme was first implemented in 2007 by the Ministry of Tourism to ensure that resort areas are …

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Parish Markers – Cornwall and Surrey

BUDGET: $ 27,000,000.00 START DATE/ END DATE :  13 May 2019 / 29 May, 2020 OVERVIEW: The construction of modern …

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