Jamaica’s Tourism Industry is prone to overconsumption and as a result produces a substantial amount of plastic waste, which can put a strain on local waste management systems, marine life and by extension our livelihoods.

The production of 300 million tonnes of plastic each year (internationally), depletes natural resources and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. It is for this reason that industry players must play their parts in minimizing our plastic footprint and honor Jamaica’s United Nation’s commitment in reaching zero net emissions by 2050.

In doing our part, the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) in partnership with the Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ) is spearheading a ‘Recycling Initiative’ to reduce and eventually eliminate the continued accumulation of plastics; and encourage responsible disposal and recycling practices among tourism entities. The success of this initiative will facilitate increased environmental awareness and civic pride within all Destination Areas.


The Product Development and Community Tourism team with the support of RPJ will be providing entities with complementary, branded recycling bins and cages to ease the collection of plastics from guests and staff on their properties. As we “Build Forward Stronger,” recycling will be one of the cornerstones to providing a visitor experience that is safe, resilient and sustainable.


We invite interested entities to partner with us to recycle, by downloading and signing the ‘Recycling Partnership Agreement’ and ‘TPDCo Application for RPJ cages.’ 

For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Monique Williams, Project and Business Development Manager, at monique.williams@tpdco.org / 1(876)855-0443 or Selena Newman, Business Development Officer, at selena.newman@tpdco.org / 1(876) 564-3477. All completed forms and agreements should be submitted to Ms. Williams and/or Ms. Newman.