Jamaica has many beautifully maintained historic Churches.
Jamaica has many beautifully maintained historic Churches.

“The development of Jamaica’s outstanding heritage assets will help to differentiate it from the vast majority of Caribbean islands.  The development of heritage assets is the key to sustainable development as it ensures that the product reflects the culture and aspirations of the Jamaican people.” (Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development)

Jamaica has policies for the protection, conservation and development of its natural, cultural and built heritage through a series of laws and the creation of a network of government agencies.  These laws underscore the importance of culture, heritage and the built environment.  However there are shortcomings in several areas including lack of resources and involvement of local people in the development and management of assets, implementation of the excellent legislative frame work for the protection of the environment, the built heritage and promotion of Jamaica’s culture among other things.

Part of our role in tourism is to develop our heritage assets for sustainable tourism.  TPDCo has been helping to conserve our treasures.   Working in collaboration with entities like the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, TPDCo has been involved in the restoration of Devon House, The St Peters Anglican Church in the Georgian town of Falmouth, the Maidstone Museum in Nazareth Manchester, Lovers Leap and more.  The heritage tourist it is proven spends more than the average tourist and so this lucrative market is being encouraged.  We have taken stock of the country’s assets and established an inventory of heritage tourism assets ranked by a combination of its heritage significance and its tourism potential.  The broad categories include:

  • International heritage significance and primary tourist potential
  • National heritage significance and primary tourist potential
  • International heritage significance and secondary tourist potential
  • Possible heritage themes including natural wonders (Waterfalls, Caves, gardens)
  • Slavery & Emancipation
  • The Maroons
  • Forts & fortifications
  • Churches
  • Great Houses
  • Industrial Heritage
  • Pre-Columbian Jamaica
  • Jamaican Culture
  • Music