Black River Town Upgrades


The main objective of this project is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the town centre, provide a wider and safe area for pedestrians to traverse the town all while fixing underlying drainage issues and regularizing the main bus stop in-front of the J.A.G Myers Municipal Park.

Budget: 25,000,000



  • Remove Existing Walkway along high Street.
  • Upgrade Existing v-drain to U-drain under proposed walkway.
  • Construct new walkway over new u-drain to allow for better pedestrian traffic.
  • Cover walkway with colonial style interlocking pavers.
  • Repair entrance to informal bus park
  • Remove and replace existing bus stop
  • Repair existing reinforced concrete sea wall.
  • Fabricate and Install galvanized pipe railing along new walkway.
  • Rehabilitate existing earth drain to sea.

The project was executed by the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation

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