TSEA: Why We Believe In Awarding Excellence

The 2016 TSEA awardees
The 2016 TSEA awardees

A common definition of excellence is “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” Jamaica is known to have exceptional and extraordinary individuals, and organizations that collectively make the country great.

A phrase we use in the tourism industry is “tourism wi bread” why? because tourism contributes to a significant portion of the local economy and we believe that we should give back to the hands that help to feed us. We have seen how tourism professionals positively impact our locals, visitors and the entire country, because of the vested interest they have in enhancing the sector through the service they provide. Their visible efforts to provide exceptional service should be lauded, which is the reason, the Tourism Service Excellence Awards programme (TSEA), which is a project of TPDCO was created. Individuals and organizations from the six resort areas in Jamaica are awarded for providing exceptional customer service for visitors and locals.

Someone who is looking for a well-rounded vacation will realize that it usually takes time and effort to plan a trip to a destination and the individual has expectations the moment they see the bright bold advertisements on websites.  Marketing efforts usually include placing bright eyed and bold smiles at the forefront of their advertisements, to assure the prospective visitor that they offer the best, by first employing the best.

To help you fully understand “service excellence” pay attention to the details in this car ride. After a long plane ride, maybe 12 hours, the visitors exit the airport to see their previously booked driver holding a card with their names. The service provider is smiling, well dressed and pays attention to hygiene rules. He greets the visitors in a respectful yet friendly manner and immediately the visitors feel as though they are in paradise. He places their bags in the car, opens the door and invites them to sit in a cool and clean car. They are offered refreshments such as water and Jamaican treats, and while driving he makes sure to answer all questions the visitors have.

He drives carefully, and soft reggae music waft through the speakers in the car. The tiredness the visitors felt earlier is surprisingly gone, and they feed off the positive energy of their driver. The moment they arrive at their destination, he  opens the door, removes their bags and ushers them to the door of their hotel. They shake hands with “Tony” after paying the fare, which is the correct rate and not one created by the driver. He hands them his card, with an invitation to utilize his service whenever needed. They shake their heads enthusiastically while munching on the peanut cake he provided. 

This is example of the service that, as consumers we expect at all times, one that reassures us that despite being in a foreign place, the people you meet and the places you visit and stay make it their priority that you are valued and the service is top notch. The nerve-wracking, yet exciting feeling of being in a foreign place where the language and culture is different , will soon vanish because of the people who have implemented measures to make your stay safe, secure and seamless. They want the visit to resonate well so that others, who learn of your visit, also wish to experience splendid service and the opportunity to experience cultural enrichment the country offers.

This is why you should get involved and nominate individuals or organisations that you believe help to create a pleasant and life changing experience for our visitors. We invite you to visit the Tourism Service Excellence Awards page on this website to find our more information about the awards programme. Download the nominations forms and play your part in helping us to award individuals and organisations that provide exceptional and memorable service, as we continue to  build out the tourism sector and  maintain the view that our country is  indeed  “home of the alright”

TSEA link: http://www.tpdco.org/tourism-service-excellence-awards/


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