TPDCo Hosts Tourism Sensitization Sessions In Trelawny

To assist with the development and enhancement of the tourism product, the Tourism Product Development Company Ltd. (TPDCo) will be hosting Five (5) anti-harassment tourism sensitization sessions in the parish of Trelawny between the months of January and March. The aim of these sensitizations is to educate the residents in and around Trelawny of the importance of the tourism industry and to positively affect their attitudes and behaviours towards visitors.

TPDCo through these sensitizations is also seeking to create an interactive forum that will encourage discussion about issues present in the industry and to get various ideas for improvement. The sessions will also provide residents with information of the opportunities available to them through the tourism sector whether directly or indirectly. According to Mr. Charles Scarlett, Director of Visitor Safety & Experience at TPDCO, “the sensitizations will contribute to efforts of building awareness around the harmful impact that harassment has on the tourism industry and also to the visitors.”

This three month project will include the showing of the “Cum Yah” video. This video is a part of a larger public education program by the TPDCo dubbed “Fi Wi Falmouth”. The video gives viewers a look into the lives of two craft traders and shows how, by their creativity, improved behaviour and equipping themselves with the necessary information, they are able to create visitor satisfaction.

The first of the five sensitizations  was held on Wednesday January 24, 2018 at the Wakefield Baptist Church.  Other communities that will benefit include Falmouth, Duncans, Albert Town, Wait-a-Bit and Clarkes Town.

The Tourism Product Development Company Ltd (TPDCo) is an agency of the Ministry of Tourism with responsibility to facilitate the diversification, development and improvement of the tourism product. The company is designed to support government and quasi-government agencies in the development of the tourism industry.