Team Jamaica Training … Is It Really Worth It?

Society is changing, so fast that if you pause for a nap, you might way up and find yourself obsolete. Why is this so? Primarily because of technology and how it allows us to easily access and share information. People are evolving, and the traditional ways of even gaining employment are changing, the 9-5 environment is fast becoming unappealing as social influencers encourage and even dictate how life should be lived. For some of us, we might get frightened by this and even develop FOMO (fear of missing out), so we chase our dreams and realize that there is so much out there to see.


If you have developed FOMO (especially as a millennial), then the good news is that there is a way to avoid the disaster of not living a meaningful life, and its possible through our Team Jamaica programme. This programme has the objective of improving knowledge and understanding of our tourism sector, our culture, other cultures and our flora and fauna. The most important aspect of this training is customer service.

Not to worry, its not a drooling nodding off session; its packed with activities, engagement, role play, dramatics and the works. In one session done at the ultra-exclusive GeeJam in Portland, the attendees got the opportunity to talk, share points, make jokes, do skits and have a marvelous time while, most important, learn about the guest-visitor interaction.


Although not isolated to only tourism and hospitality, this programme is useful for those who interact and engage with our guests, and because we want to ensure that they enjoy their stay, then training is of utmost importance.

 To those who wish to join the many who have found fulfilling and exciting jobs in the tourism industry, then we urge you to partake in the Team Jamaica programme. You will learn so much and because of the knowledge and Team Jamaica you increase your chance of joining an exciting and life changing career. Get ready to update your IG stories!

Team Jamaica…… Together Everyone Achieves More  

If you are interested, visit the link to view the list of Approved Training Partners who deliver the programme on our behalf or visit our social media pages @tpdcoja