Make It Happen…Your Best Year Yet

pexels-markus-winkler-4052198The year is 2021, the first month of the year is almost done and it can be safely assumed that we are getting accustomed to this new way of living. We are still in masks, social distancing and sanitizing multiple times per day. This has become the norm, and although we want to wish away the Coronavirus, we have no choice but to move past the grieving/ moaning stage and start writing the next chapter of our lives.

This year is a new year and I am sure you have seen many posts congratulating us for battling with the effects of the Coronavirus, whether financial or emotional. It is indeed time to rise and begin the process of healing and growing. If you are not one for making new year’s resolutions or if you wish to continue your trend of progress, then kudos and high five. For those who wish to start afresh and improve on various areas of your lives, it’s not too late and making the conscious decision to better yourself, is already success on your part.

In our own tourism sector, we continue to make new paths and revive old ones. The light is even glowing a little brighter for us, as travelling picks up again and locals take advantage of our offerings. Our service providers are taking the opportunity to improve their skillset by participating in skills training, more than ever. We have also seen numerous requests for information on our licensing process, maybe a rise in entrepreneurship?

We are cutting ribbons for projects that will benefit local communities, thereby making resources accessible to local community members, who will be able to chart a new course for the new year. How then are some other, inexpensive ways we can change our outlook and prospects for the new year?

  1. Reflecting doesn’t cost anything. Focus on the upside of a downside situation ( When there are so many incidences of devastation, fear and heartbreak, it’s natural to focus on the downside of the pandemic. But we can balance that out with how it’s brought people together, volunteering and helping one another and strengthening the whole idea of collective selflessness. If you need fresh and new perspective, try listening to podcasts or motivational videos online. Sometimes even having a heart to heart with a close friend helps in the reflection process. What upsides can you name?


  1. Write down your goals: It doesn’t have to be a fancy journal with a quote on the cover. It can be a simple exercise book or even the note pad app on a smartphone you already own. The point is to have your goals written down, serving as a reminder of your intent to change or continue on the path of success. The feeling of ticking off a goal is also immensely satisfying. Participate in a Team Jamaica course (check). You are now on your way to completing another goal? How many ticks or checks will you make this year?


  1. Take a free course online: If you need a top up, in addition to physical or paid course, then simply browse google or any browser for free courses you might need to enhance your skills and talents. If you would like to be a mixologist, in addition to those offered by JCTI, there are numerous Youtube videos and free courses to get you to the level you need to be.


  1. Finally, invest in what you can control ( Focusing on what you can control ensures that you address a situation as it is, rather than spend time hoping it would be different. As it stands, no one knows how long the pandemic will last or when lockdowns will officially be over. Since these events are beyond your control, don’t waste your time worrying about them.

Investing in what you can control ensures you spend your energy on opportunities and possibilities at hand. Whether it is growing at a personal or professional level, leverage what you have to make your 2021 better than 2020.

Remember winning starts with a plan, and if you intend to learn a new skill, get your business licensed or COVID-19 certified, check out the links below and have a prosperous new year.


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