Summer Fun During A Pandemic

It’s a different summer this year, and luckily for some worried social butterflies, on June 1st, Jamaica reopened its borders and tourism industry. Although modified, tourism workers and visitors breathed a sigh of relief. This move meant that workers employed directly and indirectly could have a chance to start earning, while visitors could, in a safe way be allowed to explore some parts of the island.

Our resilient corridor visually maps how visitors should travel around the island, and to ensure their safety, TPDCo has been conducting assessments of attractions, and accommodations. These entities if they satisfy the criteria will receive a COVID-19 compliant certification. The certificate which is renewed every three months will remove the stress of having to find out the finer details of the entity’s safety. All information about the strategies and measures to lessen the risk of contracting the virus will be available at the entity.



seaside-994605Head to the river or beach

On this sun year-round island, beaches are popular, and given that summer is no longer cancelled, then dust off that beach wear and head to a popular COVID-19 compliant spot like Frenchman’s Cove in Portland. The property has been given a certificate of compliance and has put in place many measures to ensure visitors’ safety. The beach also has scrumptious meals on location at great prices. Other popular spots like Dunn’s River have reopened their doors, with strict social distancing, temperature checks and sanitization. Your only worry? Can’t think of one right now.





person-grilling-sausage-and-meat-1857732Have a small get together at home

yes, yes you have been stuck at home for some time now, but with the slow reopening of the island, and the increase in gatherings, it will allow you to have more people  come over. Ensure that these persons are not highly exposed or at high risk and start having some fun! Cook up some curry goat, Jerk pork or chicken, have a cool beer and play some games, and enjoy a rare person to person interaction. If you don’t want to go outdoors, then have a Netflix party or watch a Jamaican classic like Oliver Samuels’ Class of 73 among others.






Eat Out!

Most restaurants are now dusting off the tables and chairs to reintroduce dining. Go to a swanky restaurant and have a dinner that wasn’t prepared by you. Although some places will only allow four persons per table, get two tables and split the fun, or get some one and one time with your partner. Trust me, although dining out sounds like a familiar outing, it might feel new after being cooped up for months.





Mr. Beach I am coming.

Go on a Road Trip!

 A road trip can be a great adventure for you and your friends, or the best excuse for you to have some serious alone time ( Buy some Jackfruit, mangoes or sugar cane along the way and just vibe as you traverse the beautiful island of Jamaica (safely of course).



Please remember that while you have fun, masks and maintaining a 6 feet distance are still mandatory. Visit our COVID-19 protocols section on our website for information about how Jamaica’s tourism ministry continues to maintain a safe and secure sector and check out if you want to confirm those tourism entities that have met the criteria and are COVID-19 compliant for your summer fun