An Homage To Craft


centre photoThe beautiful thing about life is that we were all given talents and skills from the moment we were conceived; and the extent to which we utilize these skills and talents usually determines our outcome. It is even a more comforting fact that we were all born with different tastes and appreciate different types of hobbies and leisure activities. Some of us hold those talents in our hands, and everybody deserves to learn the stories behind the splinter scars, rough hands and tired, wrinkled eyes.

It is in that same breath that we lift our hearts and hands to the craft industry; to our men and women who hunch over dim lights with needle and thread for you to take that crochet swimsuit picture, deemed Instagram worthy, and the others with calluses and hard fingers who shaved, sliced and created unbelievable art from wood. They made it possible for you to stand in your doorway and take a picture beside your coveted art piece, while others comment “goals”

Maybe for others, it was dying and re-dying their old t-shirts until they got the perfect design, many t-shirts and dyes later, they made it possible for you to create a blog post entitled “the new tie-dye trend” and don’t forget the painter who stood before his blank canvas for days, weeks and even months, as he contemplated the best way to communicate his hunger for success. We stand in the galleries, mouths open, eyes wide, without words our eyes say “inspiring”

The coaster you place your drink on, the mat you rest your feet on, the painting you can’t take your eyes off and the basket that holds your fruit were all created out of love, passion and a restless spirit that told that creator “never give up”

Talk to our many local designers and creatives and they without hesitance, will tell you about the journey to where they stand; the trial and error to create one perfect item, and the held back tears, and laughs of relief, when you say “well done”.


Walk through the many communities when the gifted hands are hard at work, look how the scratches, stained palms are finally displayed and accepted as symbols of persistence and trophies of determination. This is because of the persons within our own organization, who believed in the “dying field” and gave these persons a chance.

Listen to the pained sound in their voices as they recall the struggle to complete even one item, but ensure you look into their eyes to see that glimmer of pride as you impressively hold the earring up to your ear, and admire the bracelet on you hand.

We lift our straw hats, made in Jamaica and woven with pride to our craft producers. We thank you for the quality items you have continued to deliver, and how you have repeatedly told stories of our history and culture through art and craft

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