2016/2017 Sectoral Debate Presentation – The Hon. Edmund Bartlett


June 14, 2016




Mr. Speaker, it is indeed a privilege to rise again in this honourable house to update you on the broad-ranging rethink of developments in arguably the most critical sector to drive the growth and prosperity agenda in Jamaica as laid out by Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness.


But before I do so, Mr. Speaker, I begin by thanking our Almighty God, without whom, I would not have had the resounding faith and courage to carry on and fight for the best interest of my constituents and the people of Jamaica on a whole.


Of course, Mr. Speaker, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my dear wife of 42 years Carmen, my son and my wider family. Their unwavering support and patience over so many years have been beyond measure.


Now, Mr. Speaker, I am ever mindful of the awesome privilege afforded me, to occupy a place in this esteemed Chamber by the men and women of St. James East Central.

Last election they returned me with one of the biggest majorities island wide, and I say thank you for your vote of confidence and I give you my assurance that I will do everything it takes to continue to represent you at the highest level. For this year, seeking longer term solutions to addressing chronic water problems, repairing long damaged roads, developing safer and more united communities and continuing to educate our children, so that they can contribute more to their communities are among my key priorities for the good people of St. James East Central.


Click here to access the full copy of Hon. Min. Bartlett’s 2016/17 Sectoral Presentation