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Mandeville Resort Board

Mandeville and the South Coast Resort Board “Off the beaten track” aptly describes the South coast. The spirit of community flourishes there amidst black sandy beaches, natural vegetation and historical nuggets such as Lover’s Leap attraction, a seaside cliff with a fantastic view, now open for tours and special occasions.

Treasure Beach has its own quaint lure for persons wanting the quieter side of life. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy touring the Black River with its many and varied endemic species. Bamboo Avenue, YS falls and Appleton Estate Rum Tour & Museum are just some of the must do features of this rustic resort.

There is a generous sprinkling of small guest houses, boutique hotels and villas as well as a European Village & Spa. Scott’s Cove with its array of enthusiastic, seafood purveyors provide delectable treats for passers-by. Other interesting places to visit include Alligator Pond, Little Ochi and Roxborough, home of national hero Norman Manley.

This resort includes the bread basket parish of St. Elizabeth, Manchester and part of Westmoreland. A comprehensive south coast sustainable development plan has been fashioned for the area and will be.

The Chairman of the Resort Board is Publisher and Community Activist Anthony Freckleton. Resort Board meetings are held every 4th Thursday.