Mr. Anthony Freckleton

Anthony Freckleton is Chairman of the South Coast Resort Board, and has volunteered his services for over twenty years to the tourism industry in an effort to make the South Coast the destination of choice. Through his efforts, the South Coast is more recognized and several heritage sites are being renovated and promoted in an effort to preserve our heritage and culture.

A member of the board of the Tourism Product Development Company and President, Mandeville Weekly Community Development, He is also the Founder, Editor-In-Chief and Chairman of the Mandeville Weekly Newspaper, which he started in 1993 twenty one years ago to serve Central Jamaica. It is the oldest serving community newspaper that is distributed free of cost in Jamaica.

He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Jamaica Exotic Flavours and Essences (JEFE), a company which produces high quality flavours, essences and purees from Jamaican fruits and vegetables.  He has done extensive research in agriculture in Jamaica and has assisted several farmers groups to get established and access local and international funding.  He is currently researching ways to produce neutraceuticals from Jamaica’s rich biodiversity including pain relieving, diabetes and cholesterol control products and is now working to find the cure for cancer.

He has served as the Chairman of the Micro Investment Development Agency (MIDA), Chairman of the St. Elizabeth Environmental Protection Association, Director, Milk River Hotel and Spa, Vice-Chairman, United Nations Development Project Civic Dialogue Committee and Chairman, Values and Attitudes Public Education Committee, member of the National Ganja Commission, the Scientific Research Council and United Nations Convention to Combat Drought and Desertification to name a few.

Mr. Freckleton has also travelled the world extensively is happily married to wife, Wendy and is the proud father of three boys.