World Tourism Day 2018!

TPDCo: Enhancing the tourism product through digitalization

Product Quality Manager Winston McKane explains the features of the TPDCo Product Quality app to Shelly-Ann Jackson
Product Quality Manager Winston McKane explains the features of the TPDCo Product Quality app to Shelly-Ann Jackson

The Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo) has witnessed how the digital evolution has contributed to an improved tourism sector with greater potential for sustainability. TPDCo has the important role to improve and maintain Jamaica’s tourism product. This means that the organization is continually developing and implementing strategies geared at a maintaining a globally competitive high standard product.

Keeping abreast of new technologies is therefore crucial to the growth and improvement of the sector. We have completely revised our social media strategy to ensure that information is available to our users; With frequent updates and tools for interaction, they are able to see the work we are doing and learn more about our role in the sector. Our website acts as the main portal for accessing extensive information, and has assisted many of our users to make contact with the appropriate departments. For example, interested tourism businesses can visit the website and easily make contact with the Product Development department, which has responsibility business and product development.

Other strides we have made with technology is the introduction of satellite phones, our Destination Managers are now able to communicate from remote areas and in case of emergencies.  TPDCo has also developed an application which assists with Product Quality assessments in our resort areas.

 The TPDCo offices are also equipped with modern video and tele-conferencing equipment, which allows for greater productivity among the offices dispersed across five parishes. We have also enhanced our payment system, which is no longer limited to cheques or cash, as our Point of Sale machines allows for card payment in all locations. Our stakeholders are now able renew their licences with just a swipe of a card. People are more motivated to partake in the offerings of a sector that responds to the needs of individuals and considers all the elements that will make the experience seamless.

 We foresee, with the technological era, even more effective ways of communicating to our many diverse audiences. We are also confident with the rapid changes and new trends that the tourism sector will continue to expand, making it even more inclusive and beneficial for the Jamaican people.