TSIP TALK: Monifa Lewis

DSC_3974Monifa Lewis is a 19 year old, sixth form student at the Tarrant High school. The Grants Pen resident said she learnt about the programme from her community counselor and immediately signed up. The first time participant, like our other interns was placed at our headquarters in Kingston. Monifa, who I would describe as a gentle soul with little to say, describes her experience as good, having learnt so much in a short time. Her main tasks include completing payment voucher control forms and data entry.

In her own words Monifa describes each work day as “wonderful, every day I learn something new and the experience is extremely enriching for us young people.” Monifa states that the programme is useful as it prepares students for the world of work. This preparation she says taught her discipline which she hopes to utilize at the Shortwood Teachers College, the institution she hopes to attend in a few years.