VSE-ICONA vacation to Jamaica is worth the money, and as we expand our product to include even more offerings, Google might be seriously tired of our country’s name popping up in the search bar.

Its no longer just blue beaches, warm sands and a poster couple getting drinks from a pool bar, we are so diverse that you can come here to learn, embark on a tantalizing culinary experience or stay in a cosy home in Kingston as you tour the various musical spots in the capital city. Sounds divine? Well it is, Jamaica is steeped in so much history and heritage and we love to share the big “E” word with locals and visitors alike.

The experience counts more than anything. It is more important that comfy sheets, waterfalls or scrumptious Jerk Chicken from the pan man, all those can be in place, and yet because of our approach, we lose visitors.

This is why we take safety and the experience seriously, the visitor should come here and have their dreams fulfilled, they should feel as though their hard earned money was worth spending on a bucket list vacation.

TPDCo believes so much in the experience that we created a department that creates strategies geared at continually improving the experience, and a big part of that is safety.

The Visitor Safety and Experience department as we call it has implemented many programmes geared at safeguarding the visitor. One such programme is the District Constable programme that involved the training of Policemen in our resort areas. If you should take a walk along the hip strip in Montego Bay, you might see some of these friendly faces enforcing the law and making the Jamaican experience a great one.

The visitor (local & foreign) is to be held in high esteem, and whatever we do should be centered on their wants and needs. They will allow us to reap many benefits and grow as a country, which I am sure is a wish that we all have.

Our intention, over the next few months, with our new campaign is to help you understand why we should “treat our visitors right” and show what marvelous things it can do for our tourism sector.

If you tune in to Irie FM or Mello FM, you might hear our catchy jingle or see our advertisement in the newspaper and television.  Stay tuned for more blog posts and follow us on social media @tpdcoja. We guarantee that after these few months, you will be able to learn, in no less than interesting ways why it is so important to “treat our visitors right”