#TreatOurVisitorsRight: Safety Tips

Street dances, nine-nights and set ups were unspoken “celebrations” that Jamaicans attended, which birthed into a culture that can be quite intriguing to those of another native tongue. The man sitting on a curb digging ferociously through wood that would in a few days or weeks become a masterpiece was once not very interesting, and the thought of hiking up an over 7000 ft high mountain was absurd for those who prefer to laze by a pool or beach, and feel the warmth of the ever present Jamaican sun soak right through their bones.


We are proud that tourism is changing in Jamaica, thanks to mankind’s curiosity and open-mindedness. We are always delighted to share our culture with others and not just students on a field trip. We love when others are excited to immerse themselves in our country and leave with long lasting memories.

At TPDCo, our important task of maintaining this product is to continually improve and maintain a standard and to make you, both our visitors and locals feel safe and pleased with all we have to offer. It may be those policemen on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay, the uniformed tour guides at Water Square in Falmouth, or a neat sign informing you that you are at your destination, helping to quell the anxiety and put happiness on overdrive.

To feel safe, automatically means that you are ready to go full force and have some good Jamaican fun. We take into consideration that our overzealous craft vendors and craft carriage operators although they mean well, do not truly realize that they may be scaring our visitors away. They may have thrust products, or attempt to pull persons towards their vehicles as they seek customers.



We are a “touchy-feely” people, we are friendly and passionate, but unaware that it may be a bit much for those who are used to a calmer environment, this by no means excuses the behavior, which is why we decided to embark on a campaign to help both our stakeholders and visitors understand the importance of approach. We believe that knowledge is empowering and we can’t take for granted that others automatically think the way we do.

Over the next few months, take a look at our television ad, listen to our radio jingle, and look out for our useful safety tips on our blog and social media pages @tpdcoja (Facebook and Instagram).


Jamaica is a wonderful country with equally amazing people. We are always growing and learning how we can continue to make others feel right at home, the moment they step on our soil.