#TPDCoTourismQuiz: The Sun Rises In The East

The captains of Ardenne Prep (left) and Naggo Head Primary
The captains of Ardenne Prep (left) and Naggo Head Primary

The Sun rises in the East

Air Date: Thursday July 05, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Rebroadcast: Friday July 06, 2018 at 4:30 pm

It was high heat in the second semifinal match of the TPDCo Tourism Quiz. Having “pumped up” their knowledge of our tourism product, the teams neatly wore their thinking caps as they contended for the last spot in the finals. Naggo Head primary, having gotten used to being in the position to fight for the last of a great opportunity, seemed even more alert and ready to win; while Ardenne Prep with their regular clean sweeps started feeling the effect of the sun rising on their necks.

Both teams started a bit “shaky” as the pressure was on to claim the chance to hold the golden trophy, the point standing at the end of this section was Ardenne Prep 7 and Naggo Head Primary ahead by 2 points, but in the swift second round, they both used their strategy to pass when necessary and quickly shout the answers they already knew.  Naggo Head still kept the lead with 20 points, a 5 point lead over Ardenne Prep. When it came to section three, Naggo Head Primary, having the confidence that the sun was in their horizon smiled as the final bell sounded and they were clearly the winners. They won 31 over Ardenne Prep 28, a close, exciting and perfect way to march into the final round.