Tpdco Nears Completion Of Restroom At Norman Manley Beach Park

The Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo) remains committed to the development and improvement of the tourism product.  Part of the organization’s responsibility includes administering projects that are geared towards the upkeep of our resort areas. This is to ensure that they are aesthetically appealing and up to standard for use by both our visitors and locals.

In light of recent concerns raised about the lack of maintenance of the Norman Manley Beach Park in Negril, it is to be noted that TPDCo officially handed over the property to the Negril /Green Island Area Planning Authority (NGIALPA) since April 2017 and is therefore not responsible for upgrading the beach.

The organization has however committed to constructing a restroom to facilitate the reopening of the beach to the public, while ensuring that users of the beach have access to a restroom for sanitary convenience and a shower after utilizing the beach. The “Spruce Up project” which started in May 2018 should see its completion at the end of September.

TPDCo does not claim responsibility and management for the beach, and continues to implement the construction of a restroom, to enhance the beach experience for all. The restroom also ensures that the beach is adhering to health standards as the organization strives to protect its people and Jamaica’s tourism product.