TPDCo Justifies Cost Of Welcome To Montego Bay Sign

Day Render - Front
Front render – Welcome to Montego Bay Sign

Montego Bay Jamaica, November 20, 2018… The Tourism Product Development Company Ltd (TPDCo), wishes to place on record justification for the recently commissioned Welcome to Montego Bay Sign, estimated to cost approximately Seventeen Million Dollars ($17M).

The sign is a tropical contemporary interpretation of a traditional resort along a bay.  It is the embodiment of the history of Montego Bay and will provide a total experience for locals as well as the millions of tourists who traverse the area. It must be noted that this is not just a sign but an attraction of first world proportion which will have a dual façade that faces the east as well as the west. There is a lighting component where letters will be illuminated and are changeable to match the seasons.

The area will also be landscaped and an irrigation component has been included to ensure the long term stability of the aesthetic maintenance.

TPDCo consulted with the National Works Agency engineers, (the local authority for roads and works) both in the design phase and on site.  Recommendations made by the agency have all been taken into account to ensure the safety of road users.  Additionally visible yield signs are being replaced as well as other safety features including the installation of speed strips and the refreshing of road markings.



The St. James Municipal Corporation has been contracted to execute the works and the cost break down includes a dual base facing the east and west- $8m, Lettering- $3m, Electrical Work- $2m, Irrigation- $1m and a contingency sum of $3m. Importantly, this is a budgeted sum and the Agency prides itself in operating within and in many cases below budget.               

We believe that the city of Montego Bay as the tourism capital is deserving of this attraction to provide a sense of completeness to our major gateway.Day Render - Front