TPDCo Bulletin: Illegal Rafting Activities On The Rio Grande River

Untitled-1This serves to remind the public that all rafting activities on the seven (7) gazetted rivers in Jamaica, (Rio Grande River, Martha Brae River, Milk River, Cabarita River, Great River, White River and Black River) are regulated by the River Rafting Authority through the River Rafting Act.Further, under the said River Rafting Act, participating in rafting without a ticket issued by a prescribed person or body appointed or authorized by the River Rafting Authority, is a criminal offence.

The Rafting on the Rio Grande attraction is currently operated by the Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo) and is now being monitored by the Police, who will be prosecuting persons operating outside of the law.

TPDCo is imploring all stakeholders to operate within the law; and as best as possible, to ensure that their guests obtain a rafting ticket issued by TPDCo at either the Rafter’s Rest location situated in St. Margaret’s Bay or the Berrydale location. Persons participating in tours on the Rio Grande River without a ticket issued by TPDCo will be prosecuted.

We look forward to your cooperation.