Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All

082A4448You will rarely read a story of someone who got quick success, in fact some influencers, business moguls and entertainers that seem to just appear out of nowhere, were actually working long hours and maybe had frequent breakdowns before they saw major achievements.

What point am I trying to make you may ask, well, in light of this year’s tourism awareness theme “Tourism and Jobs: A better future for all”, this conversation will explore the process.

The Start

People often make queries about vacancies, but these empty slots usually ask for qualifications, which may vary according to the level and nature of the position. If you should visit our Product Quality and Training page you will notice the various trainings and certifications we offer. This is simply because we want to ensure that our tourism and hospitality professionals are armed with information before they are granted employment.

Most persons employed in the industry can attest to this notion, and might even add that many tourism entities ask for applicants or new employees to be Team Jamaica certified before starting in a position. We feel this first step is necessary because of the high level of interaction between our guests and tourism workers. We want to feel comfortable knowing that our front desk staff, tour guides, restaurant staff and even external partners like taxi operators can confidently provide our guests with the information they require, and to do so in a professional way.


The middle

Now that you can understand why we prefer gaining knowledge of the sector and customer service prior to employment, we can talk about the job. In the tourism sector, there are a myriad of things to do; and whether you are employed to a company or self-employed, this is where the real work begins.

Our expectations in the tourism sector are high, but not unrealistic. We are a labour intensive sector, and there are so many links in this chain. Our aim is for those passionate about the sector to be gainfully employed, which is the reason we work so hard to introduce programmes aimed at making the sector better every day.

Our service providers are the reason why our guests will not even hesitate when choosing Jamaica to vacation, and with their business we can add more rooms, attractions, assist more craft producers, offer more trainings, issue more licenses…. And the list goes on.

When we do all these marvelous things, the entire country glows brighter, because all the other sectors like health and education are impacted by what we do in tourism, thereby improving your well-being.

A better future

If you are already or interested in being employed the tourism industry, consider enrolling in our Team Jamaica. This certification can give you competitive advantage because of the wealth of experience you will garner. Although this certification does not guarantee immediate employment, you will definitely have a head start in the tourism sector.

Finally, you have learned, you have worked and now its time to experience the joys that come with success. It’s a process, an unpredictable journey that may cause you to laugh, cry and repeat, but the most important thing to note is that with focus and determination, all things must reach its peak, and when you take the time to learn and grow then tourism can offer a better future for you, your family and the entire Jamaica.

  • Happy World Tourism Day 2019

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