Mr. Oludiad Brown

Mr. Oludiad Brown is an astute businessman with over a decade of experience in Jamaica’s transportation industry, particularly within the tourism sector. Renowned for his customer-focused approach, he brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, project management, logistics, and risk management.
Distinguished as an exceptional organizer and adept problem solver, Mr. Brown boasts a proven track record of achieving excellence. His proficiency spans transportation logistics, financial management, business development, and operational oversight, making him an invaluable asset in navigating complex challenges.
Mr. Brown’s passions extend beyond his professional endeavours to include agriculture, civics, and tourism, alongside a deep appreciation for the arts and culture. This diverse array of interests underscores his commitment to contributing meaningfully to various facets of society.
As an accomplished professional, Mr. Brown embodies a holistic approach to business, seamlessly integrating his expertise with a genuine enthusiasm for community and cultural development. A proud father of three, he enjoys touring Jamaica, cooking, and golfing in his leisure time.