Mr. Jonathan Bamidele

As the Destination Manager for the South Coast, Jonathan Bamidele is responsible for coordinating the multi-stakeholder management of the resort area, as a Sustainable Tourism Destination, in order to ensure that the visitors have a safe, enjoyable and world-class experience.

Mr Bamidele is no stranger to managerial duties, prior to offering himself to serve at the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) he was the Operations Manager for five years at BranJam Investments. Mr Bamidele has also been very active in local tourism on the South Coast over the years as a member of the St. Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce and being one of the key organizers of local events such as “Black River day”.

 Mr. Bamidele is a past student of the University of Technology, having completed his Bachelor of Business Administration in Production and Operations Management. He is also a sports enthusiast and served as captain of the Munro College Basketball team for 3 years.

When the St. Elizabeth native is not busy with improving the South Coast, he can be found fulfilling his duties as a member of the St. Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce, fishing or enjoying Mother Nature.