Strengthening Security Measures Amidst Travel Advisories

As Jamaica continues to position itself as a premier tourist destination, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our visitors remains a top priority. In line with this commitment, the Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo) has teamed up with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to renew their partnership, further strengthening security measures in our resort areas.

Amid recent travel advisories, it is more crucial than ever to reassure our visitors that Jamaica is a safe and welcoming destination. TPDCo, in alignment with its Destination Assurance initiatives and the “Treat Our Visitors Right” campaign, has taken proactive steps to address concerns and enhance the overall visitor experience.

In an update on the efforts to have such travel advisories lifted for the island, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett told reporters at a recently held post-Cabinet press briefing that such advisories are the purview of Jamaica’s international partners. “In evaluating what they regard as the state of our three Ss – safety, security, and seamlessness – they do gradings. It is our job to ensure that at all times when the grades are done, that we are at the highest level of their evaluation,” Bartlett said. “So, we just have to continue to build-out the capacity of Jamaica to secure safety at all levels,” he added.

The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between TPDCo and the JCF underscores the shared commitment to security and safety in our resort areas. The MOU outlined specific objectives, including the provision of static and patrol services, specialized training for officers, and the deployment of District Constables to designated resort areas namely Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Montego Bay, Kingston, and the South Coast.  This collaborative effort aims not only to safeguard tourists but also to support the well-being of local communities. By addressing issues such as soliciting and harassment, the partnership seeks to create a secure and welcoming environment for visitors and residents alike which ultimately promotes sustainable tourism practices.

With TPDCo’s funding and support, the training and deployment of District Constables will contribute to the effective implementation of security measures, providing peace of mind to visitors and bolstering Jamaica’s reputation as a safe, seamless, and secure vacation destination.

As we strive to remove negative evaluations and elevate the visitor experience, initiatives like the renewed partnership between TPDCo and JCF are instrumental in achieving our goals. Together, let us continue to prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our visitors, ensuring that every trip to Jamaica is an unforgettable one.Top of Form