St. Francis Prim vs. Mona Prep

MONA PREP VS. ST. FRANCIS PRIMARYWe all can agree that it has been an exciting quarterfinal for the TPDCo Tourism Quiz. In the final match for this round, we saw St. Francis Primary and Mona Preparatory, both from St. Andrew battling for the final spot in the coveted semi-finals.

Although both first timers in the competition, Mona Preparatory had the clear lead in the six minute section.  They displayed teamwork and a sound knowledge of the tourism information, as well as the core subject areas of Mathematics, current affairs, Language Arts and Science. At the end of this section, Mona Preparatory banked 12 points; while St. Francis followed fairly close behind with six points.

By the round two speed section, St. Francis did a fair performance to catch up with 13 points, However Mona Prep was charging away with 27 points.

In section three, Mona Prep who agreed to go first in all sections, started off confidently with a 6-point question, which they successfully managed to bank. St. Francis decided to tread lightly with a four-point question. However, Mona Preparatory who clearly had the strategy and synergy, emerged as the winner with an impressive 57 points, while St. Francis Primary ended with 19 points

We invite you to tune in on Monday June 03 at 6:30 pm for the first semi-final match when defending champion Broughton Primary representing the “capital of casual” Negril, will go up against Corinaldi Avenue Primary representing Montego Bay, “the complete resort”

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Captains of both teams shake hands
Captains of both teams shake hands