Port Royal Comes Alive!

Port Royal 2This Jamaican town was known for its wealth, war and wonders, and of course the great 1692 earthquake that left the city in shambles. However, it would be a new day on January 20th and the people of Port Royal and Jamaica were pleased to know that they would be flocked by visitors, local officials and those from many walks of life. This time, the visit was not centered around the famous seafood spot, Gloria’s, instead it was for a historical celebration as the cruise ship Marbella Discovery 2 would be the first to dock at the pier.

Happy visitors gazed in wide eyes, open mouthed amazement as the performers danced on stilts, made magical sounds from drums and saw all that was there to be discovered. From the Red Stripe bar, Devon House ice-cream stand, jerk man with his pan and many coffee stands to choose from, they were in Jamaica heaven!

Our Prime Minister, Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Minister of Tourism, Honourable Edmund Bartlett and Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, along with other dignitaries were in attendance to watch history unfold.

TPDCo, of course was in attendance to provide support by way of an information stand where our guests had the chance to get Kingston guides and other information. We answered queries and humbly accepted the many compliments of the excellent customer service and warm Jamaican welcome.

Most exciting was the visit to the town, it was like a time machine had swallowed us 21st century tech fanatics and we were thrown in a time when having a beer, talking with friends and discovering the wonders of the land was the order of the day. The smiles were not curated, instead visitors, mostly from the United Kingdom downed the famous Red Stripe Beer and pointed in excitement as a local fisherman gut a fish, fresh from the sea.

Fort Charles with architecture from as early as the 17th century was a hit among the guests who had a ball at the giddy house (they were almost falling with glee), in the captain’s room and in the open battlefield where on display was original cannonballs.

It was an electrifying mood at Port Royal and definitely a vibe we hope to see continue, a big win for Port Royal, tourism and the Jamaican people.