New Hygiene Protocols For Tourism

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-26 at 9.58.39 AMMost of us are absorbed with this new virus, the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). It has seriously altered the way we learn as students, work as professionals and do business in general. More than ever, we have had to learn to rely on modern technology and hygiene practices to keep safe from contracting the highly infectious virus.

Most of us have caught on and are having a ball staying inside and unwinding. For many, stress levels have decreased as their hectic work routine has changed to a more peaceful, serene situation. For others, it is quite the opposite and getting back to normal is high priority, primarily due to the curtailment of movement and the financial implications brought on by the new changes.

The tourism sector for example has its sights set on a June reopening, of course in a much safer and strategized way. TPDCO has been instrumental in the plans for a refined approach to the reopening. Most of which include inspection of properties and hygiene practices.

For the post COVID 19, our aim is to reassure visitors that they will be visiting a safe and clean space. Our visitors will know that their experience will not be impacted by worry and fear of contracting a virus due to poorly implemented strategies. Additionally, we also aim to keep our citizens safe which means that those we allow in our country should be healthy and should also follow protocol.

For instance, visitors may have to present a medical certificate/passport proving that they are not infected with the virus. Testing may be conducted, and thermal scanners utilized at airport check points.

Our attractions, properties, and information stations will have to be properly ventilated and equipped with sanitization stations to prevent cross contamination or contamination in general.

We also aim to continue practicing social distancing with proper spacing, the wearing of masks, gloves if necessary and to thoroughly clean all surfaces that customers and visitors come in contact with.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t have fun, it’s just safer fun. It’s a way to enjoy a space without constant worry or fear. We aim to make our visitors and locals confident in our efforts to reduce the chances of contracting a virus. It is our hope for all service providers to get back in their game. For them to once again be able to provide for themselves and loved ones.

We also know that many persons around the world would also want to visit us, and to remember the joys of being outside and to have a marvelous Jamaican time.

While we work on these protocols, we ask that we continue to adhere to the rules to ensure that we can go back to normality and that we can all enjoy this island and its glorious offerings.