Might We Bring Some Cheer?

pexels-ekaterina-bolovtsova-5956825I think its laughable at this point how we thought the dreaded COVID-19 would’ve made its departure by now. It’s probably even safe to assume that most persons were banking on a new and different year come 2021. However, this virus continues to hover over our heads, consuming most of our lives and impacting households and our every movement.

Notwithstanding, we have all tried to make the best of the situation, at TPDCo, we have extended our reach to many communities within the resort areas. Individuals have benefitted from free masks, hand soap and hand sanitizers as we work to combat the infection and the effect of its spread.

Destination Kingston for example has distributed some 250 sanitization buckets for hand washing to vendors and other categories of self-employed individuals. To distract our social media followers from the frequent COVID-19 news, back in September we hosted a Tourism Awareness Week activity. We engaged users in activities about tourism history which was well received.

In these somewhat dreary times when lives have been lost, it is only right that we try to put forward a brave face. The protocols while they might overwhelm us sometimes will only help to eradicate the virus in a much shorter time and then we can go back to regular programming.

This Christmas season, which is usually known as a gift giving and bonding season will include some modification and creativity. To remind us that all is not lost, here are a few tips on how to have a jolly time while observing protocols:


  1. Meet up with those in your social bubble

Being together in spirit instead of being physically present, in the hope of many more Christmases to be spent together, will be the essence of Christmas everywhere for this year. Accepting this notion right away and keeping your family members prepared is the safest and most practical way to plan for the year-end in 2020. Plan B though it may be, arrange a special lunch with those you already interact with and keep the spirit of the holidays alive for all.

  1. Travel short distances – safe locations

Your best bet? Camping! Head for a National Park like Holywell or Blue Mountains or simply plan a road trip across parishes you’ve always meant to visit. Let physically distanced travel be the main consideration. You’ll be thankful to be away from the crowds jostling in airports and the extended procedures in view of the pandemic.

  1. Year-end fun and experiences

Look for small events in your locality instead of heading to more crowded public spaces. Or better still, plan your own fun nights in your backyard if you’re staying in. Bring in the biggest tree you’ve ever had. Make decorations at home as a family. Have your own tree-lighting ceremony. It will be a DIY Christmas like none other! And the kids will remember it for a lifetime.

  1. Start a new family tradition

The wise thing to do right now seems to be to plan a Christmas that can’t be shaken or stirred by the temperaments of the virus. Quiet, socially distanced, and intimate. More of Netflix than Broadway. More of nights in than nights out.

Whatever December may bring, one thing it can’t steal is the spirit of Christmas. Just as we’ve adapted to a lot of what’s being called “the new normal” we will also adapt to new ways to celebrate Christmas. And it will continue to be as heart-warming as ever.

The tips above  were  written by George Ziogas of the medium.com

Feel free to check out our COVID-19 page for further details on the protocols and other resources.