Going Back To Work During The Coronavirus

business-people-wearing-face-masks-and-talking-4427957In Jamaica, most of us had gotten accustomed to nearly 10 weeks of working remotely. Some might testify that this was the best time of their lives. They were more productive, the flexibility allowed them to work efficiently and creatively while others got the chance to slow down and spend much needed time with their families and loved ones.

Another group might tell you that it was pure chaos, they felt unproductive, stressed and balancing work and home life was a disaster. This group was relieved to get back to the office to work in peace. Regardless of the feelings one might have, the remote office arrangement would’ve expired and going back to work would be a refined experience amidst the lingering COVID-19 outbreak.

Having assumed that your company has provided new policies for social distancing, hygiene protocols and office flexibility arrangements have been made for childcare since school will not reopen until September, these tips are solely for a panic free return to the office.


person-washing-hands-on-sink-3992952Wash your hands and sanitize frequently: Carefully clean and sanitize your space using mildly scented commercial sanitizers such as Dettol, Lysol, Savlaton, or plain soap and water. You want to ensure that you are entering a clean and safe space where you don’t have to be in constant worry or fear. This is where you spend most of your days, and your thoughts should be focused on the company’s tasks instead of panicking about germs. Most companies will have their offices professionally sanitized, but it really doesn’t hurt to go over the area again. Some supplies to always have at hand include face masks, 60% or more alcohol spray, paper towel, tissues, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes/sprays and hand soap. Better safe than sorry!


therapist-taking-notes-3958396Know what to expect of yourself: You may experience a variety of emotions after returning to work, which is normal. Talking about your feelings with someone you trust is a healthy way to process this evolving situation.  

Continue to take care of yourself:  Eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise, spend time with those closest to you. Parents could be concerned about their children’s well-being when they must return to work. Make sure your children know proper hygiene practices and let them talk about what is going on to help reassure them.

Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting and mentally exhausting. It can also distract you from completing your work tasks.

girlfriends-sitting-in-lotus-pose-with-raised-hands-outdoors-4127338Increase your sense of control by developing a consistent daily routine when possible — ideally one that is like your schedule before the pandemic. For example, wake at the same time, eat similar foods and take breaks at the same times.

Some of the information above was found on agrilifetoday.com and the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC.gov



Here’s a special video from the Tourism Enhancement Fund with additional tips for those going back to work