Broughton Primary vs. Corinaldi Avenue Primary

broughton and cariIn the last match of the semi-finals, defending champions Broughton Primary contended with Corinaldi Avenue Primary to gain a spot in the finals.

Both teams returned from last year and confidently stepped into section one which saw questions being given alternately. However, it was Broughton who took the lead with a 13 – 8 point standing.


Section two, the speed round gave the students a challenge to see who could answer the most questions in 90 seconds. Both teams were knowledgeable and neither seemed nervous, but it was still Broughton who showed they had tourism under their belt with a 27-16 lead.


Section three, the tourism challenge is used to determine the winner, and even though they were behind, Corinaldi Avenue seemed confident that they could overtake Broughton and claim their throne. Both teams strategically chose questions and point value based on their levels of knowledge. The teams battled closely, but it was defending champions Broughton Primary who claimed the coveted final spot with a point standing of 36-31.


Tune in for the review of our finals!