TPDCo kickstarts customer service campaign

Customer service is of paramount importance to Jamaica’s tourism product, due to the highly interactive state of the industry. Identifying the need to reiterate the value of excellent customer service, the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) has developed a customer service campaign.

The digital campaign is guided by the slogan “excellent customer service always brings great returns”. The four-week campaign concludes on March 17, 2022, with a customer service sensitization session. The campaign is geared at increasing awareness of the importance of providing excellent customer service and its impact on the service providers and by extension, the tourism sector.

According to Ruth Harris, TPDCo’s Executive Training Manager, the campaign will focus on highlighting positive and appropriate behaviors, particularly when interacting with visitors of other cultures.

“Tourism is Jamaica’s bread and butter, and with that comes a great responsibility to protect the industry by arming our public and service providers with useful information. Our goal is to drive home the message of ensuring that our visitors have a safe and enjoyable time on our shores through positive interactions. The information is intended to be mutually beneficial by allowing our service providers to understand how impactful excellent customer service can be for their various roles, and businesses.”

The campaign’s tactics will spread across social media, email and Google and will include weekly customer service tips, an informational video featuring testimonials from local service providers, as well as blogs and articles. The organization’s training unit will also emphasize the information in training sessions.

For more information on the campaign, visit TPDCo’s website and their social media pages @tpdcoja.