Tourism for Inclusive Growth – TAW 2021

The Tourism Product Development Company, since opening its doors in 1996 has been responding to tourism changes and developments for some 25 years, which has resulted in the expansion of the product, allowing us to cater to the interests of our visitors and locals alike.

Our myriad of inclusive and diverse programmes are also created with our service providers in mind, and the unique skill sets they hold.

We have seen the need to place education and training at the forefront of our offerings, as the improvement in knowledge will allow our contributors to perform at their best. 

Our programmes have reached the deepest corners of the island and have set the tone for the excellent community tourism ventures, beautification projects and craft developments that we have executed and supported.

Our goal is to always stay true to our country and rich culture, while at the same time, caring for our environment and sustaining the tourism product.

It is with this in mind that we have extended our sights while maintaining the focus on the value of our local communities and our people, thereby creating opportunities for them to showcase their skills and talents to world.

Happy World Tourism Day 2021

Theme: Tourism For Inclusive Growth