The New Tourism – Health and Wellness

Jamaica embodies the concept of relaxation, whether it be a nap on the beach, basking in the Caribbean Sun, swimming under a gushing waterfall, camping under the stars in Holywell, Yoga in the hills or a day at the spa while indulging in satisfying Jamaican cuisine. Some might describe these scenarios as Heaven and Earth, and for others, you might now understand why others believe heavily in embracing wellness in their vacations.

Wellness refers to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and after the crash landing of 2020 and now in 2021, with the pandemic droning on, then its safe to say that this type of tourism has justifiably become even more popular within the tourism space.

The research on this growing interest would not even require academic studies or publications, a simple observation in the digital space gives insight to the preferred mode of entertainment and rejuvenation. Most posts, vlogs and reels highlight the importance of maintaining a stable mental health through self-love and appreciation, love of body through a healthy diet and exercise, and taking the time to relish in activities that are intended for personal growth and peace of mind.

Health and Wellness, even goes beyond the traditional relaxation techniques, and can be incorporated into other niches such as sport and eco-tourism. It gives room for personal preferences and tends to deviate from subjective views of how a vacation should look and feel. It belongs to whoever wishes to own it, and since the world consists of unique beings, then whatever provides the opportunity to feel joy will be explored.

This type of tourism also aligns with the current views in society, that speak to self-care and taking time to nourish the soul and body. It is especially useful for those who have reached the stage of deliberately taking time off and are thus labelled primary purpose wellness tourists. The alternative would be the secondary purpose tourists who wish to include this addition to their trip, but it is not the main motivation.

Although the former makes up a smaller group, this concept is growing, with cheaper options of stay and relaxation being offered in countries like Jamaica. For instance, there are more vegan/healthy food locations, instead of the traditional massage, there is the option to do a riverside one. With picnics and lounging in the open air now much talked about, then a simple trip to Devon House, is much cheaper than journeying to the north coast for the aesthetic.

This type of tourism opens so many options for visitors and locals alike, and with the concept of relaxation and self-love evolving, there are many ways to maintain stability in one’s life.