The Projects Department is responsible for  initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling  projects in the resort areas across Jamaica. Its role is designed to facilitate infrastructural improvements and beautification of resort areas all in a bid to develop and maintain the tourism product and improve the visitors’ experience.
Currently, the department executes its projects with the cohesive effort and expertise of: 

  • The Director of Projects
  • 1 Senior Project Manager
  • 1 Technical Services Manager
  • 1 Landscape Architect
  • 6 Project Managers
  • 2 Projects Officers
  • 1 Draftsman
  • 1 Administrative Officer
  • 4 Administrative support staff
  • 3 Quantity Surveyors

Bath Hotel and Spa Renovation

Renovation to include Roof Repairs, Windows, Doors, Dining Room, Plumbing, Security Grill, Painting and Finishes.