Lovers’ Leap Hiking Trail

Lovers Leap is a popular scenic spot in the district of Yardley Chase. The site is a bluff on the Santa Cruz Mountains that exposes a 520 metres (1,700 ft) drop to the shores of Cutlass Bay. It offers a spectacular view of Jamaica’s southern coast stretching from Rocky Point, Clarendon in the east to Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth in the west.

This attraction plays an integral role in enhancing and preserving the South Coast based sector of Jamaica’s tourism product as it promotes the social welfare of the surrounding communities. To improve the product, the team embarked on establishing a hiking trail leading from the Lovers Leap Attraction down the side of the mountain to the sea. This almost 2 km long walk has been made safer with the inclusion of hand rails and steps. It also features two gazebos along the trail as well as an enhance lookout point.



(above) Before photo of the entrance to Lovers’ Leap Hiking Trail


Before photo of section of trail at Lovers’ Leap


Work in progress – Construction of steps along the trail