Let’s talk tourism: The youth version 


Do you remember being young and ready to start your career? If you were anything like the youths we met at our expo, then you would have been piled with brochures and eager to present your questions. Maybe it was the chance to meet in person again, or just a vested interest in what tourism had to offer; either way, the youths were electrified and charged to hear all about tourism careers.  

The event was the TPDCo Youth Information session, dubbed “Let’s talk tourism” under the theme “Diversifying Skillsets for the Evolving Tourism Industry.” The session was held on Tuesday, March 29th at the Montego Bay Convention Centre which was the ideal space to give us the opportunity to hold a hybrid session with secondary and tertiary students in St. James.  

These future leaders and teachers got the opportunity to interact with leading tourism professionals from various areas, and from across the island. In a bid not to eliminate those who were not able to join in person, our friends from the Jamaica Information Service handled the live stream supplemented by Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ) PBCJ. Both platforms allowed us to reach an expanded audience to spread the message about careers in tourism and their benefits. 

Our topics included: 

  • Careers in health and wellness tourism 
  • Climbing the corporate tourism ladder 
  • Certification for advancement 
  • Emerging careers in tourism  
  • What tourism employers look for in employees 
  • Agri-tourism linkages 

In tourism, we see changes every day, and our goal is to see how Jamaicans can benefit from Jamaica’s leading sector. We also believe in the age-old fact that “children are the future.” We made it our mission to ensure that they are equipped with the tools for success; After all, the country’s future is in their hands. 

Our tourism minister, Honourable Edmund Bartlett said it well in his message to the students “As young impressionable minds, knowledge is one factor that can set you apart, and moving with alacrity and clarity will provide opportunities for growth. The tourism sector is an innovative and ever-changing industry, with your input and your pending contribution, we are looking forward to even more success and sustainability.” 

This is just a shortened version, hop on over to our YOUTUBE to view the Livestream. If you would like to comment, ask a question, or share your thoughts for our next discussion, send an email to letusknow@tpdco.org 

We look forward to hearing from you!