Excellent customer service brings great returns

Excellent customer service brings great returns, in fact, Jamaica boasts 42% repeat business, which can be linked to the wonderful experience visitors have on the island.  

Excellent customer service is important, and because you are approachable, willing, and kind; you set yourself apart and provide the customer with exactly what they need….and more!

Here are some reasons why a customer might’ve enjoyed your service:

  • You were willing to listen and assist
  • You provided all the information they needed
  • You were respectful and valued their opinions
  • You showed that you appreciated their business
  • You successfully handled their complaints
  • You went above and beyond to provide a positive experience

Your commitment will help you and your business to

  • Establish goodwill
  • Earn repeat business
  • Create exposure
  • Earn more money and grow your business


If you would like to learn more, TPDCo offers customer service and other training to help you stand out in the tourism industry. We are ready to talk, call us on (876) 968 3441 or send us an email at letusknow@tpdco.org

Remember excellent customer service brings great returns.

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