Entities Urged To Join Tourism Sector Recycling Partnership

Marketing Manager, Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ), Candace Ming (left) and Project and Business Development Manager, Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), Dahlia Dwyer Hodelin (right), hand over recycling bins for plastic containers to Manager, Plantation Smokehouse, Leon Jones. Plantation Smokehouse is among entities that have joined the Tourism Recycling Partnership Initiative being implemented by the TPDCo and the RPJ. The establishment also received a recycling cage (not pictured) to store the plastic containers for pickup.

Entities within the tourism industry are being encouraged to participate in the Tourism Sector Recycling Partnership Initiative.

Being implemented by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) in partnership with Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ), the initiative is geared toward reducing plastic pollution in resort areas.

Project and Business Development Manager, Dahlia Dwyer Hodelin, told JIS News that the initiative is a demonstration of the agency’s commitment to destination management.

“In the past, we have seen so much evidence of plastic waste ending up in verges, waterways and at the beaches, and as you know, tourism is the environment, and the environment is tourism – without one we can’t do the next. So, TPDCo, as the product developer, saw it fit to do our part to influence behaviour change,” she said.

Mrs. Dwyer Hodelin noted that since the pilot, which took place in October 2021, several entities have come on board to include 12 partners in Ocho Rios, 14 in Montego Bay and one in Kingston, with other partnerships being negotiated.

She told JIS News that RPJ supplies recycling cages to the participating entities to store the plastic containers and the TPDCo also provides some collection point receptacles.

She indicated that once an entity agrees to participate in the programme, an agreement is signed signalling the entity’s commitment to contact the RPJ for pickup of the separated plastic waste.

Mrs. Dwyer Hodelin said it is estimated that 40 million bottles will be collected per annum under the initiative.

“It’s really creating a culture shift in the industry, where just by way of seeing the separation point, people become aware that Jamaica is being deliberate about waste management,” she said

Entities interested in participating in the Tourism Sector Recycling Partnership Initiative are being asked to visit the TPDCo’s website at www.tpdco.org for information on how to participate.

The TPDCo is the central agency mandated by the Government of Jamaica to facilitate the maintenance, development, and enhancement of the tourism product.