Cultural Tourism for the win

A Jamaican educated individual who sat through Social Studies, will possibly always remember being asked the definition of “culture”. This was vital to understanding lessons about Jamaica, its history, and customs. The most common recited response to the word was “culture is a way of life” This interest in other lifestyles, for a long time to come, will play an important role in the expansion of tourism.

There has been a recent shift in society, and with information at our fingertips, travelling to learn has become common practice. This heightened desire to visit another country and learn about their “way of life’ has led to a rise in cultural tourism, where visitors partake in local cultural activities, and Jamaica is reaping the rewards of this growing interest.

Our country, of course has a unique history, and relics from our past remains with us. This small island smack right in the Caribbean Sea has more than blue waters and sandy beaches. Our worth expands beyond skyscraper resorts, reggae music and an electric night life.

This shift in travel desires and focus has allowed TPDCo to utilize even more of its services, our Product Development and Community Tourism unit has facilitated numerous requests for business support. These requests come from a myriad of local community tourism enterprises, that have expressed their desires to show more of Jamaica, and to offer an enriching learning experience.

Visitors to the island, even if they travel primarily for a traditional vacation, will also have an opportunity to diversify their visit, making time to absorb the culture of the island, through our language, food and traditional entertainment packages. For instance, the Bunkers Hill Experience, located in Trelawny, has a unique set of offerings that can quench the thirst for knowledge and cultural enrichment.

The property is firstly, located in rural area, giving visitors a chance to breathe in the fresh Caribbean air, on property is also a clear water river, cool to the touch and relaxing to immerse and swim away any troubles. Servers dress in traditional outfits, the meals are authentic Jamaican foods served in enamel used in the 19th and mid-20th century and more.

This is just one example of an enterprise that has contributed to the rise in local cultural impact. This noteworthy type of tourism has helped to bolster community tourism, giving local community members to earn, improve their skills and wellbeing. However, most important, the Jamaican culture will be preserved and appreciated by even more.

Destination Jamaica is indeed more than what meets the eye, travel off the beaten track to areas in St. Elizabeth, rural St. James, Trelawny and the country’s rich heritage can be seen in nature, understood from the many stories of our history and cultural enthusiasts, taste the melting pot of the combination of many ethnic groups, and engage in dances left by ancestors.

The many trainings, projects and programmes implemented by TPDCo place increased emphasis in maintaining the heritage and cultural aspects that help to make Destination Jamaica stand out. The increase in exposure will further expand an understanding of the Jamaican history, heritage, and finally “our way of life”