We are not quite out of the woods with COVID-19 as yet, however, with the end of certain measures, we are finally seeing the light. Tourism is gearing up to fast pace its recovery. Travelling is once again picking up, and our service providers are recharging. In fact, there seems to be a growing interest in entrepreneurship. At TPDCo, we get numerous requests for information on how to get a business started and licensed, in fact, around now, we are starting to see a reemergence of queries about tourism licensing.

For the period May 19 – July 12, 2022, we decided to make it easy for you. We will be making stops at five resort areas to process licences. If you have a tourism business or if you hope to start one, we will be rolling out a temporary mobile service to provide you with an easy way to have your applications processed. If you just wish to pop by, then come on out to hear about the process and get free consultations with our in-house experts.

We will also be taking along some of our partners who will be able to answer some of your burning questions. Look out for organisations such as the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Public Health Authority, the Fire department, insurance brokers and more!

You might’ve read all of that and still ask, Why should I get my business licensed? Here’s a bit of background: Licensing is a service done by TPDCo to ensure that tourism businesses are up to standard. This process helps to protect not only the sector and the client/customer but also the business itself, which means you benefit as well.

TPDCo licences a myriad of businesses in various categories. These include Accommodations/homestays, attractions, watersports, car rentals, tour operators, places of interest, craft traders, and more. This process is not simple, but it’s doable and can bring you some great benefits.

Based on the nature of the business, certain documents are necessary to begin the process. Should you be starting an apartment, guest house/villa for instance, then you need documents such as a copy of your registration of the business name, TRN, Copy of title etc.

These documents should be submitted to the Licensing Processing Unit at TPDCo, after which an assessment of both the documents and the property will be done. The property visits are done by our Product Quality Officers and a report is submitted to the Licensing Processing unit.

Once all requirements are met, then the information is submitted to the Jamaica Tourist Board for review at a monthly board meeting. Once approved, the licence is prepared by TPDCo, signed by JTB and issued to the business!

We like to encourage that although the steps may sound laborious, it is intended for your protection, those of your guests, and with a successful business, then you are making a path of generational success.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Keep at it and start your business the right way.

 If you need more information, contact us at 876 968 3441/ / @tpdcoja on social media or visit the link below.