Destination Assurance Councils

The Destination Assurance Councils (DACs) which replace the Resort Boards, has the responsibility to identify the needs of the industry and monitor the progress of developmental efforts in resort areas in Jamaica. The chair persons of each council will provide governance and administration, as well as influence, motivate and enable partners to ensure that quality standards are met and maintained in the destination. The chairpersons will be assisted by additional council members, namely appointees who will provide input by way of their expertise. The Councils will be given administrative support by The Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo) through Destination Managers who will be responsible for coordinating the work of governmental and non-governmental agencies in resort areas. This multi stakeholder approach is critical to the success of the programme.


The Minister of Tourism appointed Chairpersons and Appointees are as follows:

  • Negril : Covers the parishes of Hanover and parts of Westmoreland (up to the Ferris Crossing)
    • Elaine Bradley – Chairman
    • Gilbert Fender
    • Christine Cohen
    • Ken Cooney
  • Montego Bay: Covers the parish of St. James
    • John Byles – Chairman
    • John Gourzong
    • Shari Russell-Edwards
  • Falmouth: Covers the parish of Trelawny
    • Giovanni Phillibert – Chairman
    • Kerry Quallo Casserly
    • Raphael Matos
  • St. Ann/St. Mary : Covers the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary
    • Karen Rhone – Chairman
    • Delroy Morgan
    • Alfred Hoilett
  • Portland/St Thomas: Covers the parishes of Portland and St. Thomas
    • Nino Sciotu
    • Ann-Marie Vaz
  • Kingston & South Coast: Covers the parishes of Kingston, St. Andrew, and St. Catherine. The South Coast includes the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth(up to the Ferris crossing of Westmoreland) 
    • Nari Williams Singh – Chairman
    • Simon Brown
    • Jason Henzell
    • James Samuels




The Destination Assurance Councils ensure:
The development, improvement and sustainability
of the Tourism Product within the Resort Areas